Mar. 20, 2021

Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: Emberglass (PC)

The Following game Emberglass was provided to me for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Emberglass on PC.

Emberglass is a platform adventure where you play as a heroine, who can travel between the world of the living and the dead. The game looks beautiful, but there were some issues I had with the game. Even after reading the controls, I was still a little confused on what could be picked up to be used as a weapon and what did what. I think a small tutorial could have helped the game a bit. There were things that I figured out as a trial-and-error type thing. Graphically the game is beautiful, and the music is beautiful just would like the mechanics to be tweaked a bit.

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$5.99 USD