Feb. 14, 2021

RSIG Presents: Steam Game Fest 2: Fuzz Force Spook Squad, Dash Hale, GodStrike, Steel Assault

The following games featured in this compilation are from the Steam Game Festival that took place from Feb 3, 2021 - Feb 9 2021and are either an alpha version, beta version, early access or, demo of the game. Therefore, the footage you see may or may not be featured in the final version of the game, also there may be some noticeable bugs in the game.

If any of the games interest you, I highly encouraged you to wishlist the game on Steam to be notified of when the game will be releasing.

This gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games showcases the following four games from the Steam Game Festival:

Fuzz Force Spook Squad

Early Access
$14.99 USD
Free to Play Demo
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Dash Hale

Coming Soon: Jun 2021
Free to Play Demo
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Coming Soon: Spring 2021
Wishlist Game

Steel Assault


Coming Soon: 2021
Wishlist Game

Music from https://filmmusic.io
"Smooth Lovin" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)