Apr. 3, 2020

Paizo offers Play at Home Pack on Roll20.net for Free

If you are a tabletop player, you can know how expensive some of the Adventure Path's and modules for the games can be, as the DM I know how expensive tabletop items can be. Well, in an effort to get people to stay at home during social distancing and keep the games going; Paizo has teamed up with Roll20.net to release there Play At Home Pack for Free.

The Items they are giving away are:

Pathfinder Second Edition Demo Adventure: Torment and Legacy - Free

Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook Character Art Pack - Free

Starfinder Against the Aeon Throne: The Reach of the Empire Free until May 31, 2020.


The cool thing about getting the adventure paths on Roll20.net is that when you go to turn a game via Roll20.net the maps and tokens of the game are already preloaded when you run the module. Making it an easy set up for the DM.

If you have never played tabletop games I recommend giving it a try. I play both DnD 3.5, and Starfinder and in the Starfinder group we are currently running the Against the Aeon Throne Adventure path and are on the same book they are offering for free.

My play group has moved online and use Roll20.net and discord to play.


If you have any question in regards to playing Tabletop games via Virtual Table Top or even Play By Post Roll20.net have great blogs about it. 

Guest Blog: Online Region Resources part 1

Guest Blog: Online Region Resources part 2

Also for more freebies be sure to check out Roll20.net's Stay at Home, Play at Home Blog for more.

Roll20.net offers free accounts as well as a plus, and pro. If you are going to DM I recommend getting the Plus or Pro account as you are going to need the extra space for storage and allows for players who may be on mobile to see the map if they go through their web browser.