Oct. 31, 2019

Ready Set Indie Game Presents: Medievil Remastered Part 2 (PS4)

In this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 continues to play Medievil Remastered on PS4.

21 years after it's inital release. Sir Daniel Fortesque is back in a freshly remake of the old PS1 classic. After going down in an epic battle first before the fight began, Sir Dan is reanimated after Zurock raises his army of the undead. Sir Dan now has the chance to prove himself and earn his rightful place in the Hall of Heroes.

The game plays very much like the original, meaning the camera is still a big issue in the game, but that adds to the difficulty of the game.

If you would like to play Medievil Remasted for yourself you can play it on the following platform(s):

[PlayStation 4]
$29.99 USD

Digital Deluxe Edtion
$39.99 USD

The game can also be picked up in physical form as well.