Sep. 12, 2019

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: We Happy Few - Lightbearer (PC)

Uploaded: September 12, 2019

In this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 plays We Happy Few's Second DLC Lightbearer on PC.

In this DLC for We Happy Few you take on the role of Nick Lightbearer, a well known popular musician that can’t seem to catch a break at all. Just like any other musician Nick loves to party in fact perhaps a little too hard sometimes. Not to mention that he seems to always have issues with remembering things. Which isn’t the best as he seems to wake up from a night of partying covered in blood.

The game is different and unique from the actually We Happy Few core game, but does feel a bit similar to the other DLC, as it has a better storyline to it.

I did want to mention that I still encountered an issue with the game on Ultra settings on PC where the game would turn off. If you turn the video settings down to low, the game runs fine.

Please note that you must have the core game We Happy Few in order to play the DLC.

If you would like to play We Happy Few - Lightbearer for yourself you can do so on the following platform(s):


$7.99 USD

$7.99 USD

{PlayStation 4}
$7.99 USD

{XBOX One}
$7.99 USD