Aug. 27, 2019

Ready Set Indie Games Presents Whipseey and the Lost Atlas(Nintendo Switch) for The Daily Gamepad

Uploaded: August 27, 2019

In this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 plays Whipseey and the Lost Atlas on Nintendo Switch for

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is an adorable but difficult indie platformer game. You play as Whipseey, a young boy who has now been transformed into a pink slime like creature and transported to another land.

Using your whip you get the ability to attack your enemies as well as fly. The game does a great job paying respect to platformers of the past.

If you would like to play Whipseey and the Lost Atlas for yourself you can do so on the following platform(s):


$5.99 USD

{Nintendo Switch}
$5.99 USD

{PlayStation 4}
$5.99 USD

{Xbox One}
$4.99 USD