Aug. 19, 2019

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: Pumpkin Jack Demo (PC)

Uploaded: August 19, 2019

In this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 plays the demo for Pumpkin Jack on PC.

Pumpking Jack is a game that is currently in development, but is showing a promising start. The game features Pumpkin Jack, the pumpkin king who has been awaken by the devil due to his boredom and wanting to spice things up a bit by summoning all the monsters. Pumpkin Jack is planning to foil that plan by getting to the "Wizard" that has awaken all of the monsters including himself and stop him from casting.

The game is graphically beautiful and could very well be a successor to Medievil.

I am really looking forward to playing the game in it's entirely when it does finally release. For this game to be done by one person is shows a lot of promise.

If you would like to play Pumpkin Jack for yourself you can do so on the following platform(s):

{Free to Play}