Aug. 10, 2019

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: Bardbarian (PC)

Uploaded: August 10. 2019

In this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 plays Bardbarian on PC.

In Bardbarian you play as Brad a barbarian who is tired of doing the same old same old, when it comes to saving the town's Crystal. So to make his life a little more interesting he adds strings to his powerful axe making it into a Lute Axe and goes out into the town as a Bardbarian to save the town.

Essentially, Bardbarian is a tower defense game that is more action then actually tower defense. In the game you get to be right up into the action. Use your axe lute to summon troops to defeat the baddies, and you even can eventually get a pet who will help collect things for you.

The game is really fun and I recommend it.

If you would like to give Bardbarian a try for yourself you can do so on the following platform(s):


$7.99 USD

{Humble Bundle}
$7.99 USD
$7.19 USD (Humble Bundle Monthly Subscriber)

$7.99 USD