Apr. 25, 2019

Ready Set Indie Game Presents: Mongrel (PC)

Uploaded: April 25, 2019

n this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 plays Mongrel Demo on PC.

Mongrel is a game for those who played Conker's Bad Fur Day. In Mongrel, you play as a frog who lives in a kingdom that looks to be predominately male and that all of those who are evil of the evil are flushed down a toliet to the unknown. One day, the king flushed the most evil of all down, and the evil being decided to take revenge after discovering a shrine of sorts. You as this frog are going to put an end to his evils deeds.

The game is interesting although I would love to be able to have full controller support. Some of the controls did not work for controller, but you can use keyboard and mouse as well. Adding the controller support would be awesome and make it more comfortable to play.

The game is looking to start a Kickstarter soon and as soon as it goes live I will post the link to it here in the description.