Mar. 24, 2020

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: Yakuza Zero (PC) [For]

Warning: The Following Game Contains one or more of the following subjects:


Blood and Gore

Sexual Themes

Strong Language

Mental Health Struggles

And therefore may not be suitable for some viewers and should NOT be viewed by anyone under the age of 17 as this is a rated M for Mature Game.

Viewers Discretion is Advised

In this gameplay video from Ready Set Indie Games, TripG87 plays Yakuza Zero on PC for

First I would like to thank Sega for provided us at a full copy of the windows version of Yakuza Zero for free to play for this gameplay video. It is because of their kindness that I was able to play the game for them.

In Yakuza Zero, you play a younger version of Kazuma Kiryu and another character known as Goro Majima as they are new to the Yakuza. Just like in past games you get to explore the town and help people as well as get into streets brawls. I didn't get a chance to play a lot of the game due to issues on the windows store version of the game. It plays the first 30 minutes of the game and then got stuck on a black scene. However, the thirty minutes I did get to play of it I did enjoy. I really like the combat scenes, although the controls were a bit clunky and needed some time to get used to.

I thought the graphics were great. I enjoy the cut scenes but was a little confused about the cut scenes in which the main characters of the game would talk to a character of importance. It has been a while since I last played a Yakuza game, so I can't remember if this was standard for the game or not.

Overall, a pretty good game and I do recommend it.

If you would like to play Yakuza Zero for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):

$19.99 USD

[*Windows Store]
$19.99 USD

[PlayStation 4]
$19.99 USD
$9.99 USD [On Sale]

$19.99 USD

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