Apr. 29, 2020

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: Majotori (PC)

In this gameplay video, Ready Set Indie Games plays Majotori on PC.

Majotori is a very unique trivia game. The game's graphics are pretty cool as they are simple but they work for this type of game. In the game, you play the multiple lives of people who wish for something. That then summons a witch, who is sorta like Jigsaw because, in order to grant your wish, you must play her game of Trivia. Depending on how you do the wish will either be granted or not.

The game has up to date Trivia questions and has a lot of pop culture questions which makes it really fun. If you are a trivia buff I highly recommend this game.

If you would like to play Majotori for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):


$5.99 USD

Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod
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