Apr. 27, 2019

Ready Set Indie Game Presents: Indie Game Showcase Season 2 Wave 7

Uploaded: April 27, 2019

In the 7th wave of Season 2 of Indie Game Showcase from Ready Set Indie Games; TripG87 Plays the following games on PC.

Songbird Symphony
PC/Web Browser

Songbird Symphony is a rhythm based game. In which you play as adorable baby peacock (or at least a chick) who is trying to learn his way through the world through rhythm and dance. If you remember games like Parappa the Rapper, or are into rhythm games this is right up your alley.

Dolphin Island 2

Dolphin Island 2 is the sequel top Dolphin Island and does pick up where the last story left off of. This is an action adventure game and was a lot of fun to play. You play as Aisha who is in Dolphin Island to see what is going on with the world and rescue people. I did not play the first game to this so I am unaware of the entire story. However, The sequel is still in development.

Demon Key

Demon Key is a platformer indie game that pays tribute to games from the NES days. You play as a man who must save his wife from a demon who has capture her. There are 8 levels that you must get through and the game is pretty tough., but lots of fun.

Little Misfortune

From the creators of Fran Bow comes a whole new game. In Little Misfortune you play as Misfortune, a little girl who unfortunately is going to meet her demise. Lead by Mr. Voice (the narrator of our tale with Misfortune) she must complete missions in a game in order to achieve eternal happiness, in which she hopes to give to her mother.

The game was fantastic with it's visuals although I would have like to see more from the demo, I am most definitely looking forward to playing the full release of this game.