Apr. 20, 2019

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: Indie Game Showcase Season 2 Wave 6

Uploaded: April 20, 2019

IIn this 6th Wave of Indie Game Showcase, TripG87 plays the following games from itch.io:

Gunny Bunny

In Gunny Bunny is a platformer shooter in which you take on the role of a cute bunny, who must gun down baddies in order to advance. In the future, I hope that the controls can be worked on a bit as they were a bit confusing and rough. The game has a lot of potential.


Zoe is a shmup in which you play as Zoe who must destroy a paintbrush and other objects along a film strip. The unique design (which looks to be a bit like claymation to me) is what drew me to it. I hope that the game does well and ends up on Steam and other platforms, as I believe it deserves to be on there.

Twin Tiger Shark

Google Play

Twin Tiger Shark is a shmup that does a great job of paying respects to the shmups of the 80's. I really enjoyed this game alot and found myself getting lost in it. There is an online leaderboard as well and the game offers three different modes. Right now the game is on itch.io and google play. I hope that this makes it way onto to steam as well because I would pick it up there as well.

Retro Space Ball

Retro Space Ball is a game that combines a Shmup with Pinball. When I first say this game on twitter, I thought it was an interesting concept. The developer was pretty awesome and so I decided to give the game a go. I really enjoyed the game and it looks really promising. Looking forward to more of this game, and hope it also makes it way over to Steam.