Apr. 15, 2019

Ready Set Indie Games Presents: Indie Game Showcase Season 2 Wave 5

Uploaded: April 15, 2019

In the 5th Wave of Season 2 of Indie Game Showcase, TripG87 Plays 4 new games from itch.io:

Cursed Gem
Playable on PC, macOS, and Linux

Cursed Gem is a platformer game in you have to get to the end of the level. There are gems to ollect on the way, as well as secrets. The games is done very well and I enjoyed it. At the time of my coverage the only things available for the game where it’s tutorial and level 1. Recently level 2 has become available and is playable as well.


Playable on PC,macOS, and Linux

Onigami is a tower defense game in which you place as the Empire taking on the onis. You will have to use Samurais, Ninjas and even Geisha’s to protect the Jade Palace from the Onis.

7 Days in the Fire Mountain
The game is playable on PC and macOS.

In the game 7 Days in Fire Mountain you play as a Character who’s friend after feeling like her dream was disappearing goes to Fire Mountain. The characters friend just gets up and goes to Fire Mountain without saying goodbye. The character then has seven days to find out where here friend is as they too go into Fire Mountain to see what draws people to it.

Piko Piko Demo
The game is playable on PC and looks like a Linux build is being worked on.

WARNING: The following game contains flashing lights and screen movements that could be sensitive to those who are prone to seizures. This can occur even if you have never experienced a seizure before. If you ever start to feel sick while watching this video, please immediately Stop viewing the video. Your health is more important to me than you viewing my video.

Viewers Discretion is advised

In Piko Piko, you play as Pico a young girl who wields a mighty hammer. In this short demo Piko uses her hammer, to destroy rocks and enemies, as she must save her teacher who has been accused of somethings by Robots.