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If you are an indie developer, publisher, PR that has sent  a message and it has been over a day since your message has been sent please feel free to email me. I don't mind because sometimes things tend to get missed.



Please keep these things in mind before you do e-mail me.

It's may take me up to 1 business day to answer your message. So please wait at least one business day before contacting me via email.

I typical answer messages between 


If your message was sent on Monday- Thursday after 5PM EST it will be answered the next day. If you sent a message on Friday after 5PM EST, your message will not be answered until that following Monday.


If all the other criteria has been met please feel free to email me at:


Here is what should be included in the email to ensure a speedy response:


Coverage Inquiry: Name of Game/Platform


Date of Original Message:

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Are you the PR, Publisher, or Developer?

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