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If you are an indie developer, publisher, PR that would like a game to be covered by please feel free to contact me.



Please keep these things in mind before you do e-mail me.

It's may take me up to 1 business day to answer your message. So please wait at least one business day before contacting me again via email.

I typical answer messages between 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

9AM EST -12:30 PM EST

Saturday and Sunday


I DO NOT reply to messages that are sent on a Tuesday as this is a personal day for me. So any messages sent on a Tuesday will be answered on Wednesday.


Messages that are sent after the time I have stopped checking emails will be answered the next business day.


If all the other criteria has been met please feel free to email me at:


Here is what should be included in the email to ensure a speedy response:


Coverage Inquiry: Name of Game/Platform


Are you the PR, Publisher, or Developer?

Name of Game/Project:


If the game is Embargoed* Or Not:



*I have had someone ask me before what Embargoed means before and so I will put it here for those who may not know. 

Embargoed means if the game's coverage cannot be shared until a certain time or date. 

For example, some games may not want coverage shared until the day before the game releases.

Some games may not want you to release a Score Review before a certain date or time, but gameplay coverage is fine.


Some games may want you to provide coverage on the day the game has been released.