Ready Set Indie Games Plays: Skeleton Crew with DanVanDam, Craft Hero and Steam Next Fest

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays:

Skeleton Crew
Craft Hero
Nitro Kid
Goodbye World
Town Seek
Kity Builder

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Updated July 25, 2022

Updated the July Coverage page to show the games that I have covered.

Added the Following Games to July Coverage:

Yonder: TCCC Part 2

My Time At Sandrock Part 6 and 7

Bomb Bomb Boom


Gamer Career Tycoon

Krut: The Mythic Wings





Updated July 10, 2022

Added The Following videos to the July Game Coverage:

Hot Pot for One

Tiny Lands

Lego Builder's Journey

Yonder: TCCC

My Time At Sandrock