As a big-time supporter of Indie Games and watching how well indie games are being received I am convinced that 2020 is the year of indie and that indie games will be at the forefront. People are becoming more interested in indie games and developers and that makes me happy as someone who supports indie games/developers.

As I am a content creator if you are a developer, publisher, or PR I am currently looking for games to cover for my stream, youtube channel. indie game minutes, and here on my website. Please feel free to check out the coverage I provide and feel free to contact me at my email with your information.





In this video from Ready Set Indie Games, it gives you a taste of what Ready Set Indie Games has to offer and where you can find all of the platforms that I upload to.

Games Featured in the Video are:
A Palace for Fools
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
Crystal Story: Awakening
Skul: The Hero Slayer
Super Thundercats: The Lost Eye of Thundara
Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe



Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: GRIS (PC) Part 1


Updates Jan 3, 2020


2019 Gameplay Coverage In More Tab


To keep the Site up to date I have moved the Gameplay Coverage from 2019 into the more tab. If you would like to look at older coverage it can be found there.


or you can also click on the following link to get there as well:

Game Coverage 2019


GRIS Gameplay Series


Hey Everyone added a new gameplay series of GRIS to the Gameplay Series and it can be found by following the following link:



Live Streams for January 2020



Be sure to check out the Live Streams Tabs as it is updated with Live Stream Highlights.

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Gameplay Coverage Jan 2020


Be Sure to Check out the Gameplay Coverage for January 2020.


Game Coverage Jan 20



  Hey Everyone! 

I apologize for the lack of content on the website. I ended up being sick for the last two weeks and was barely able to make content or update the site or even my youtube. Therefore, you may notice that there has been a surplus of gameplay videos in the gameplay video section of the website. I hope that you enjoy them and again sorry for not posting them sooner.


Ready Set Indie Games

Winter Live Stream/Gameplay Schedule

With the Winter coming up and Holidays/Snow Days becoming plentiful during this time of the year. I am changing my Live Stream and Gameplay Schedule for the Season.

Gameplay Videos will now be posted on Game Coverage Dec 19 and my YouTube Channel



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Live Streams which can be seen on my Twitch Channel with the highlights -- with the exceptions of gameplay series which can be viewed here Gameplay Series -- be viewed here on the following link Live Streams.

Live Streams are now:

Wednesdays - Saturdays 

11 AM EST - 1 AM EST

Hope To See you there.

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